Students' Progress Reports

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Meeting my expectations means that so far you are getting "A" in the class.  The final grade is based on total number of postings and assignments and quality of your final paper and your whole class participation.

Legend: 4-digit SID -- your four last digits of your Student ID.
WP - weekly project; RE# - reading essay; 2 -- you were either on time or compensated your late assignment; 1- you paper was late (to correct it see Policy of exchange favors); 0 -- you did not submit the assignment (to correct it see Policy of exchange favors).
WeebTalk1 - number of your postings on the WebTalk1 to the total number of required postings. If you total number is below the required, please, do more postings plus one.
Attendance - - attendance of the class meetings, empty cell -- you attended all class meetings, negative number -- number of the class meetings you missed, positive number -- number of the class meetings you compensated according to Policy of exchange favors.
Bold -- you are OK, non-bold -- you have to meet my expectations to get "A" in the class (see Policy of exchange favors)

Note: Please, let me know if you find incorrect information via or personally in class.