EDST 837: Evidence of Learning in School and Everyday Life

Students' Progress Reports

1. March 16 progress report (5 weeks since the beginning of the class). This progress report was based mainly on accomplishment of the Assignments #1 and 2 and three weekly web postings for all weeks except the first one. This makes altogether 14 postings (12 required weekly postings plus two assignments).

The total number of the minimally required postings for the class is 14 including all assignments

Meeting my expectations means that so far you are getting "A" in the class. If you want to improve your progress report, you can do whatever requirements you have not done so far (i.e., Assignment #1or 2, missing postings).

Note: Please, let me know if you find incorrect information via ematusov@udel.edu or personally in class.

4 last digits SS#



Number of postings by 03/16/98

Expectations by 03/16/98

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