La Red Mágica

La Red Mágica (“The magical web” or “net” in Spanish) is the University-Community Partnership for Meaningful Education started its work in September 1998. The Partnership is designed to build an exemplary after-school program based on principals of voluntary, collaborative, and informal learning linking K-12 inner-city minority children and adolescents at the Latin-American Community Center (LACC) in Wilmington and teacher education students at the University of Delaware (Newark, DE).

Our kind sponsors:

School of Education, University of Delaware; $500 1998 Honors' program, University of Delaware; $300 1998 The Spencer Foundation; $3,500 1999
CITE, University of Delaware; $500 1998 The Ronald Mc Donald Foundation; $5,000 1999 California Consortium of the 5th Dimension projects; $1,500 1999
The Hewlett Packard Foundation; $5,000 1998 Rotary Club of Delaware, $3,000 1999 CHEP, University of Delaware; $28,500 1998-9;
$14,000 1999-2000
The Bell Atlantic Foundation; $5,000 1999 CONECTIV; $1,000 1999 The McCormick/
Channel 17 Foundation
; $25,000 1999
Multicultural instructional grant, University of Delaware; $15,000 2002-2003    

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