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From: Zhenya M.
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Date: 17 Aug 1996
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Eugene, I really like your field note because it describes an interesting event of children's interpersonal conflict. At the beginning, I was not sure that this event is relevant to our class title Informal learning and technology, but then I came to a conclusion that learning probably should be understood broadly... I don't know how to say it, but learning how to work not only with things but also with people! Thanks, Eugene, for selecting and posting this event. Without this example I might not broaden definition of learning for a while.



I like decription of the event, but I want to know how other kids and adults in the room reacted on the events. Did they notice it? If so did they ignore it? It looks like that you, Eugene, chose not to interfer? If so, why? Also, do you (or anybody else) know the history of relations among these four girls? Should we ask Site Coordinator or somebody at Barrios Unidos (or the girls themselves)?


I still don't understand what the difference between "inquiries" and "reflections." TAs and Instructor, can you elaborate on this issue, please?


I really like the reflections because they touch upon so many interesting ideas. Like Eugene, I wonder should we interfer into children's conflicts or not. There was no fight there -- so the children's did not jeopardize the work of the site. On the other hand, I'm sure the children needed some guidance.

I think that verbal communication is essential to solve interpersonal relations because it helps a person to reflect on her own actions and actions of other people. Without verbal communication people would be locked in their emotions. In another class, we learned that Vygotsky made the point according to which language helps to control one's own behavior. I disagree with Eugene who seems to suggest that in some cultures people can solve interpersonal problems without language. I'd like to read more on this topic.