First week assignment

From: Dave Scott
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Date: 03 Oct 1996
Time: 03:21:01


While I chose Computer Science as my official major, I've always also been interested in Psychology and education. One of my science teachers in high school had a profound influence on me, and I've always wanted to be able to pass on some of those positiv e experiences to others. Consequently I've spent the last couple of years tutoring for computer literacy classes at UCSC. I also like kids a lot, having been around them my entire life because my mother ran a day-care center out of our house. Psych 101 seemed like the perfect capper to my college education, combining many of these interests. I hope to take out of this class a better understanding of the educational process. After twenty years as a student I've suffered under more ineffectual teachers than I thought possible. Hopefully, we can work together using our knowledge of Psychology to develop new methods of teaching to students of all ages. I am also quite appalled at the state of scientific literacy among the citizens of this planet, and I believe this would be a good opportunity to spread my pro-science propaganda to blossoming m inds. I hope that I can make a significant contribution to this class, mainly because I know a lot about computers and the Internet. But I also have experience with teaching and baby-sitting (which have more in common than we would like to think). Dave "Experience is a tough teacher. She gives the test first and the lesson afterwards."