ME:First Assignment

From: Valerie Boes
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Date: 04 Oct 1996
Time: 12:33:31



I signed up for this particular course because it draws together my major and minor-psychology and teaching. For a while I have been questioning my choice of major. When I saw the advertisement for this class I thought it would be a good chance to get some on hands experience for both my major and minor. After attending the first day of class, I realized this class would also help me in my personal growth. For the last couple of years I have missed having brothers and sisters, their friends, and my friends younger siblings around. Being in college is fun but I grew a new appreciation for things I’ve always taken for granted. While my time with the children of barrios unidos is short, it will help fill the gap in my life that I need to begin feeling whole. While taking psychology 101 I intend to learn how to communicate with people. Because this is my first upper division class, I hope to learn how to communicate with people who I thought were untouchable before, such as my professor. I hope to have communication between classmates about what we find difficult, easy, and fun. I hope to share things with the children and have them feel comfortable to share things with me. I hope to contribute my own experiences with people in and out of the class. Overall, I hope to get out of this class and be able to say that I learned and I helped others learn.