ME:First week (expectations, ideas about learning)

From: Jakob
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Date: 04 Oct 1996
Time: 21:48:33


I'm generally interested in educational psychology. I especially regard computers an excellent tool for kids to learn effortless. It uses and fosters their natural curiosity, while giving them pictures, movement, and sound to keep them interested.

I would like to find out more about how learning happens, which circumstances (social situation, topic, software) help children learn, and on my side, become more familiar with kids of that particular age to find out if I am capable of tuning in to their way of thinking and maybe learn from the kids their fresh way of looking at things.

I believe, this setting, which combines research, lecture and community work in a way that's new to me, has the great advantage to provide us with lots of first-hand observations and a feeling of what's happening in the computer-lab.

For me it is also the first time I get in touch with ethnical issues about chicano kids and I'd happy to learn something about that from the kids themselves.