Please Beware

From: Christie M. Thomas
Submit: Post Message
Date: 05 Oct 1996
Time: 22:00:49


NOTE: If you happen to be typing your field notes onto the post field notes template, and decide you'd like to look back at the previous page to see what other people have written DONT... at least not without completeing the form and sending it, or saving it somewhere else because it will disappear.... It just happened to me! And no I didn't save it somewhere else, and yes I "searched" for it, and I also tried to go "forward" to the page i was typing (didn't work), i tried to go to post field notes, but all I got was an empty template... So to make a long story short, I lost my field note and have to now start fresh... UM.. my tough luck.

So learn from my mistake, don't move 'back' a page until your done with your post and have sent it off, or save it somewhere else. It really won't be there again if you try to go forward.

Take care, and happy posting!