Re: ME:Video on Weds

From: Christie M. Thomas
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Date: 05 Oct 1996
Time: 22:29:24


Annie, I have similar thoughts as you on the structured more controlled vs. the unstructured informal learning environment. I tend to think the latter is more student-oriented, which is the way learning should be. If the setting is structured then structured by who. The teacher? In that case what about the student? As I am seeing in my field observations and from life experience students learn more when they are active participates in the learning process (in learning the material, as well a having a say in what is and how its going to be taught). In this same way I believe I'm going to get sooooo much out of this course because we are so involved in the structuring or better yet unstructuring of the learning process. I know I'm glad to be here and I've motivated to get the most out of it.


hopefully you understood that post, my thoughts went in a couple different directions :)