Re: FN:draft#1:Encouraging students

From: Eugene Matusov
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Date: 06 Oct 1996
Time: 17:31:04
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Hi Annie--

Nice observation and fieldnote!

I want to add several minor things to what Pablo wrote.



Please, write full child's name for further identification when some other student will work with the same child in future.


I really like that you briefly described the goal of the activity. It is also a very good idea to list all other participants (both child and adult). I'd also like to know how your help was organized: who initiated request for the help, what was a scpecific problem, what were your suggestions, and how they were taken by the girl. What was the key in your suggestions that really helped to the girl. What wwere your and girl's role in her learning?


Your reflections are great! I really like that you relate your own experience to the event.

You wrote in the inquiry section, "I think girls are especially vulnerable to getting into the habit of depending on others to do things for themselves." I think this is a very interesting idea for further discussion. What do you see as evidence of that? Why depending on other is bad thing as seem to imply? Is it bad in general or in specific contexts and environments (and cultures)?


I think that most what you wrote here belongs to the reflection section. By saying this I don't mean that you didn't articulate your inquiry -- you did but more indirectly. If I understand you correctly your inquiry is about how to make learning environment both supportive and challenging at the same time? Am I right?

Try to put your inquiry in a form of question, please, because question nicely conveys unresolved tension and meaning.