Re: FN:draft#1:Winning The Game (by Christie Thomas)

From: Eugene Matusov
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Date: 06 Oct 1996
Time: 17:52:43
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Hi Christie--

I'm glad that you recovered from losing the fieldnote!

Your observation is very interesting and reflections are thoughtful. Your inquiry about the role of competition in general and "winning" in specific for social engement is well-put.


PS Please, do not forget to mark day of the observation.


I think it's important to write children's names so other students can continue observing and identifying them at the site.


Christie, I'd like to know what you guys were talking about. Were the topics strickly on the game or much broader?


I really like your reflections. I wonder that the girl was also benefit in her confidence bacuse she was an opportunity to teach you how to play better. It would have been interesting to know if you had won one last game, would M be upset or happy for you? I guess that may check if the girl was happier and more confiedent because of winning or because of teaching.


I can nothing add to your inquiries.