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From: Sharon Wie
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VisitDate: 10/04/96
Date: 06 Oct 1996
Time: 22:37:48
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I. was a male third grader.


I was completely amazed to discover what talents and skills I. had instilled in him on Friday. The first activity we enagaged in was Monopoly. Not only did he show tremendous knowledge of the games complex rules and strategies, he offered to be the money managing banker. I was impressed to find him calculating difficult math problems and asking for paper and pencil for the problems he couldn't tackle in his head. He did not want me to give him the answer for any of the money dealing problems either. I. showed me that he was indeed very capable of handling the job as banker on his own. I. showed me not to underestimate children's abilities and motivation. Later, I. learned to play solitaire on the computer. Although he had never played the card game before, he learned the basic components to the game in a matter of minutes. I. demonstrated confidence and security. He was also having a great time.


I am seriously wondering now if the enviroment of Barrios Unidos provided for I. such a comfortable atmosphere that he excelled in his tasks.


I couldn't help notice how bright I. was showing to be because I am interested in improving the learning atmosphere for children. I believe that children can accomplish tasks to a more difficult degree if their situation is comfortable and soothing. When pressure and other negative aspects of success are removed, I think children will strive to work for themselves, which is extremely important.