Re: first Field notes

From: Pablo Chavajay
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Date: 07 Oct 1996
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Hi Jess,

Congratulations on writing your first field note observations!

You did a good job pointing out that children may have had difficulties understanding the written material that Maurice handed to them.

I just have a few questions about the event that you described:

How did you and others organize the game activity?

Did the two children participate in any decision making surrounding the selection of the game and/or the roles they wanted to assume in playing?

How did the two children communicate with each other during the game activity?

Did the child who did not know how to play the game receive any help from the child who knew how to play the game?

In your reflections, do you have any ideas as to why A may have chosen not to respond to your questions? Was A absorbed in playing the game?

In your inquiries, you raised great questions!