From: Eugene Matusov
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Date: 08 Oct 1996
Time: 04:14:24


Hello everybody--

Here are statements that I feel I might not well articulate or did not address in the class today:

1. Expectations about readings. I expect all students to read the assigned readings for Topic #1 (about teaching) by this Wednesday, October 9. I expect all students to read the assigned readings for Topic #2 (about fieldnotes) by next Monday, October 14.

2. Delay for reading on the Science library reserve. You should expect max. 4 days delay for readings that I'm going to put on reserve to the Science library. I expect that the readings will be available on Friday or Monday. I'll put my own readings for Topic#1 at my office to facilitate preparation for this Wednesday. You can also use McHenry library.

3. Please, write your full names (i.e., both first and last names) when you post discussion message or fieldnote or feedback in YOUR NAME window. Also, please, use only first names of people (and in your signing messages). Try always address people you are replying to by first name. The reason for all that is it is easier to track the specific author by using SEARCH option (you'll need to do it when you start your own research project for a final paper).

4. People who did not post yet their fieldnotes and/or first week's assignments, please do so as soon as possible. Better later than never. Let me (or your TA) know if you need help or you have questions.

5. For students who are interested, you can petition to argue that this class is writing intensive. Let me know who is interested in that and I provide guidance how to write a petition at the end of the class (basically you have to write at least 6000 words in class and make revisions of writings, which we are going to do). Also, for all students, the class is counted as fieldwork. I'll write in your evaluation of practicum that it was fieldwork practicum.

6. I want to welcome our new student Louis who has Latin American Studies/ Education major, speaks Spanish, and had a lot of experience working with Latino/a kids and Spanish speaking community! I hope that Louis will provide a lot of guidance for all of us. I want to ask the rest of the class to help Louis to catch on.


PS Because I really like redundancy I'm sending this message by both e-mail and via Web.