ME:helpful hints for Copy and Paste

From: Mercedes Monaco
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Date: 08 Oct 1996
Time: 20:19:55


It seemed like there was a lot of confusion on how to copy and paste your field notes, so, since I had a successful attempt I thought I'd give people a step by step guide.

1. Open your Field Note 2. Go to FILE in the top left corner of computer screen. Then drag the arrow to NEW WEB BROWSER and release. This should open a new window for netscape. 3. Open your Field Note in the new window 4. Select Reply 5. Go to original field note and select a section by clicking at the beginning and dragging the mouse down to the end of the section. (This should turn it black with white lettering.) 6. After your peice is selected go to EDIT (next to file in top left corner) 7. Drag mouse down to copy and release. This will save a copy in a memory (but you won't see it.) 8. Go to your reply. Click where you want that section to go (you should see a blinking cursor) 9. Go to EDIT and select PASTE.

You should have your old field note copied into reply and you can change it and repeat until you've copied everything you want.

NOTE: If you want these instructions in front of you. Leave this page where you are and follow the directions to NEW WEB BROWSER to open a page for your original field note. (Giving you three open pages)

I hope this is helpful to those who were confused and not just more confusing.