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From: Eugene Matusov
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Date: 08 Oct 1996
Time: 23:03:18
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What a nice observation, Miguel! When I was reading your description of the events, I could easily visualize what was going on.

I think you may want to work more on reflections and articulation of your inquiries. I hope that readings will help you for that. I also notice that you did not put keywords and I wonder if you just forgot to do that (in this case just add it in the next draft, please) or it was difficult for you. If the latter, please, let us know.



I really like that you included yourself, Jesse, and Maurice in the observation. I think it is sufficient to mark all you guys as adults. It is also a good idea to ask Maurice about Victor's age next time you are at Barrios Unidos.


You wrote, "He [Victor] was willing to speak to a group of strangers in a language that he only knew a little!"

I wonder what was your evidence that Victor is not fluent English speaker? It can be a very interisting follow-up investigation on his English proficency since Victor seemed to use English with you without much trouble. Is it right?

You wrote, "I really felt I was guiding him through these games and he was learning them."

I think this a very important observation of yours. Can you elaborate, please, what were the evidence and ways of your guiding and Victor's learning. What do you think Victor learned from working with you and with the games?


You wrote, "Informal Learning is very similar to being a counselor at a camp for me. "

I think this a very interesting reflection. I'd like you to expend focusing on ways of guiding and learning in informal settings.


Try to express your inquiry in a form of question. From reading your observation I'd say that at least on of reason that you was attracted to the event was that you was interested how to guide in informal educational setting? Am I correct?