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From: Annie McDevitt
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Date: 09 Oct 1996
Time: 15:46:49


I really enjoyed the Models of Teaching and Learning paper. I was interested on the discussion of the transmission theory of learning or adult-run instruction. This method views the child as a receptacle of knowledge. I feel like this has definately been my schooling experience. I think its an unfortunated method because it trains children to expect to be spoon fed knowledge as opposed to discovering things on their own. I see this tendency in myself sometimes, though it may be partly my own bad habits. I'm much less a self motivated learner than I should be. I'm much more comfortable in a lecture setting than in a discussion setting where I'll be expected to contribute my thoughts. Do others feel this way? Anyway, I think learning other models such as the community of learners approach would be much more beneficial to students of all ages. I liked the point that childrens questions and contributions should not be seen as "interruptions", but rather as helpful input which helps everyone learn.