ME:First week's assignment

From: Duane Cleghorn
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Date: 09 Oct 1996
Time: 16:18:54


I'm taking this course to facilitate working with children in the future. I hope to continue my education, receive a Ph.D., and work with kids who are having problems in their social and personal situations. I am hoping this course will enable me to better understand where children are coming from,and what I can do to help them feel more comfortable with the difficulties facing them in the future. I have had experience with starting community projects, but my experience is limited to adults with problems. I feel that I can give constructive suggestions that may help others realize simple ways around difficult problems. I'm interested in the way new technology will be in- corporated into school curriculum, and I'm excited to be a part of a new community program. I plan on participating in a field-study program next quarter, and I'm sure this class will give me the experience working with kids that the field-study is sure to require.