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From: Ed Lopez
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Date: 09 Oct 1996
Time: 17:17:58
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Valerie, overall nice first round of field notes. You mentioned many interesting issues that you noticed. The first was the issue of age. How do thik kids can or can not learn by working with kids of different ages? The same with languages? You also mentioned the issue of having a comfortable context. Do you think this is necesssary for learning to take place? Also, you mentioned Vygotsky, how kids take ownership of things. Can you elaborate on this? Vygotsky did talk about kids learning from others and than internalizing these new understandings and as a result, becomeing more self-governing. Do you think that Lucia will learn more because her cousin is near by? Also, what did you lear about yourself. You mentioned that when things started feeling comfortabel, you felt more relaxed, as compared to when introductions were the issue. Anyways, keep up the good work, Ed.