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From: Ed Lopez
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Date: 09 Oct 1996
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Miguel, nice work. You mentioned some interesting issues that you noticed. The first was about your interactions with Victor. He made the attempt to speak English, even though he had difficulty. Also, he was godd at board games but became very bored easily. How do you think bordom affects learning? Also, what skills do you think Victor learned by being courageous and speaking English vs. Spanish? You also mentioned that you enjoyed guiding him through the games. Can you elaborate on what you think you did and what you think guidance is? Also, you mentioned that you think your Spanish will improve. I belive it will to. What other ways do you think you will learn by being in this context with kids in addition to Spanish? Lastly, you talked about informal learning, your past experience and how you saw this in action. Can you elaborate on this. What is informal learning to you? How can you see it? Is it better than formal learning? Nice work, Ed.