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From: Valerie boes
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Date: 11 Oct 1996
Time: 12:41:58


You wrote that you feel uncomfortable in group discussion activities because you have mostly been taught in adult run classrooms. Since I started school in colorado, my kindergarted year, I have only experienced the banking method of teaching. When I was young i moved from place to place-2 indian reservations in New Mexico and Arizona, different places in colorado, california, ohio. Much of my schooling is a blur to me but i found that the majority of classrooms i was a part of was adult run. Coming to college was a shock for me, sections expecially. Having to talk about what you read, write, and think petrified me. After 2 years of school i'm getting use to group activities, but to this day I still sweat and freak out when I'm called on or when i know there is going to be a discussion. I'm getting more and more comfortable though. I agree with you 100% that we do need more children involved classrooms so that when children grow up they will be proud of their ideas and trust their minds.valerie boes