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From: valerie boes
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Date: 11 Oct 1996
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ed-I think that it is important to have children of all ages work together. In the case of lucia, she was able to play games with children almost double her age and she seemed to have fun and so did Helda(the girl she was playing with). I think that over and over again it has proved that people-adults, children, elderly people-are able to learn from each other regardless of age. I almost think that an older child given the chance to teach a younger child, will learn a lot and visa versa. Maybe not so much "educational" but about how to relate with people, to take pride in helping others, and other self improving skills. You asked me if you have to be comfortable for learning to take place. I don't necesarily think you have to be comfortable, but from my experiences when I am comfortable i am able to not be so self concious and take notice of what is going on and to absorb it. But there have been many times where i have been in an uncomfortable environment and learn a lot of useful info. I think that it's just nicer and a different kind of learning that takes place when you are comfortable. I'm going to skip the vygotsky question and move on to the topic of if Lucia will learn more from her cousin being there. I think that it will definently help. It will get her motivated to keep coming because she'll have someone she can talk to about the center and it's nice to have someone who understands and is there to experience something with you. Onto what i learned about myself... I learned that i'm a tolorant person. what i mean by that is that when the children were anxious and restless, i didnt mind because i was feeling the same way. I learned that this class is my first step into becoming an old person. By this i mean all the classes ive taken so far have pretty much been intro.Just by how class is run or by how im sort of a authority figure at barrios unidos this is quiet a step. i love working down at barrios unidos and i love the class it's just strange to be changing so quickly. anyways i hope this response is what it's suppose to be. vboes