FN:draft#2 a familiar face

From: valerie boes
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VisitDate: 10/09/96
Date: 11 Oct 1996
Time: 13:38:50
Remote Name: mingong-mac-03.ucsc.edu



Sara-around 7ish, helda(sp?)around 13, and helda's younger sister


Helda was one of the rebel rousers my first day at barrios unidos. she was the leader of her friends and anytime she said something all her friends would giggle. while i was kept amused by the things she was saying and just by watching how much of a comedian her friends thought her to be, it was nice to see how she acted with her younger sister. Her sister was about 5 or 6. she was the youngest child there i beleive. anyways, when helda and her sister came in helda showed her sister around and made sure to keep her sister comfortable-holding her hand, giving her the closest chair to the computer,etc. I think that for the sister, this may have been her first time on a computer and even if she wasn't playing the games, she had a blast watching helda play. This was a good example of what i think that we are at barrios unidos for-to show that there are oportunities and that school is in reach. Just for the younger child to see helda, her older sister who she looks up to, on a computer having fun, might arouse her interest in computers or something. i may be going way overboard on thi.s but at the very least the sister had a chance to be around technology that she may or may not be familiar with. I just wanted to say a little about sara. she was a girl that i hung out with for a large portion of my first visit. she came in late on 10.9.96 and as soon as she walked in the room she smiled at me and just sat down on my lap. it felt very good to have her feel that comfortable with me and im sure it made her feel good that i remembered her name and was happy to see her.


Helda and her younger sister made me remember growing up the 2nd oldest of 5 kids. It brought back memories of how protective you can be at a young age for your brothers and sisters. when i was young i wanted my little sisters and brother with me all the time, i actually still want it. anyways, its nice to see families stick really close together in a world that is plagued with lonliness.


I don't really have an inquirie, just a statement. I'm really glad that kids of all ages are coming to barrios unidos. i really think everyone will profit from the diversity in age.