ME:the situation at barrios unidos

From: Jakob Schulze
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Date: 11 Oct 1996
Time: 21:45:10


Today the debriefing showed that most of us are dissatisfied with the situation at Barrios Unidos. The computers are not running the software they should run. We have to solve technical problems instead of paying attention to the kids. We don't know the software, so we cannot help them choosing something that is adequate to their needs. Today there were too many kids, so we couldn't pay enough attention to every single kid.

That leads to a situation in which it becomes very difficult to follow some kind of design that everyone of us might have. It resembles simply playing with the kids. I don't know if that is what we want. It might be good, for our own support, to make sure that we have adequate software for every computer, know the basics about how to start it and how to use it, and, very important, what the benefits and demands of each game are.