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From: Eugene Matusov
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Date: 12 Oct 1996
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Hi Dave--

I read your reflection that you put in inquiries, "I still have little idea what it is I am supposed to be doing twice a week at the center. It’s fun to play with the kids, but what’s the point? I’ve learned about an area where Diego can use some motivation and improvement -- math. Now what?"

I like that you feel comfortable to write that and it is on the subject. Your fieldnotes seem to be detached from your inquires. You seem to know how to make fieldnote as a tool but you are not using it.

Look at five core questions of the class:

1. How do we know that children are learning? 2. What could children learn from computers and computers games? 3. What's the difference between school-based learning and everyday learning? 4. What's the difference between learning alone and learning as part of a cultural community of practice? 5. What's the best environment to promote learning?

I think you may be interested in some of them. Try to use them to be guided in your observations and work with kids. For example, do you think that Marisa and Diego learned something while playing the game? If so, what was that and what was the evidence? If not, what was the problem that prevented them from learning? What was the evidence that the problem you suggest really took place? What was your role in their learning or non-learning?

I guess it is time to get focused because you seem to become comfortable with the format of fieldnotes and become a bit familiar with the environment.

What do you think?