Re: How much frustration and comfort are part of learning?

From: Eugene Matusov
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Date: 12 Oct 1996
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Hi Valerie--

I was enjoying reading your extremely thoughtful reply to Ed. I was struck by many of your ideas, observations, and reflections. Let me take just one and think about others.

You wrote, "You asked me if you have to be comfortable for learning to take place. I don't necesarily think you have to be comfortable, but from my experiences when I am comfortable i am able to not be so self concious and take notice of what is going on and to absorb it. But there have been many times where i have been in an uncomfortable environment and learn a lot of useful info. I think that it's just nicer and a different kind of learning that takes place when you are comfortable. "

In part, learning to do with situations when we don't know how to deal with or when our old approach does not work. These are problematic, challenging, and in rather frustrating situations if what is at stake is very important for us and if we can't resolve the situation quickly.

Do you think that frustation and uncomfort is necessary for main "big" learning? If so, do you think that guidance, in this sense, involves "frustrating together"?

What do you think?