Re: What our class models: school or Barrios Unidos?

From: Eugene Matusov
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Date: 12 Oct 1996
Time: 01:52:15


Hi Christie--

I really like your message. I also feel uncomfortable with my stress on "constant" collaboration.

I also like your reflection that our class has its own structure as well dynamics. We also have some goals and expectations that guide us. It is interesting time-to-time to reflect where we are in terms of models of educations described in literature, models that are known to us from personal experience (that may not only involve traditional schooling) and Barrios Unidos.

I'm thinking that in past when children spend their time helping their parents on farms, their learning was guided by productive farm practice (similar graduate school). Practice provided structure and logic for ongoing activities and kids' learning. In traditional school, it is teacher (and district, and textbook writers) who almost arbitrary develop logic and structure that students should guess.

What about our class? What about Barrios Unidos?

What do you think?