Re: High school as athe pick of the adult-run approach

From: Eugene Matusov
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Date: 12 Oct 1996
Time: 02:06:41


Hi Valerie--

You wrote, "You wrote that you feel uncomfortable in group discussion activities because you have mostly been taught in adult run classrooms. Since I started school in colorado, my kindergarted year, I have only experienced the banking method of teaching. When I was young i moved from place to place-2 indian reservations in New Mexico and Arizona, different places in colorado, california, ohio. Much of my schooling is a blur to me but i found that the majority of classrooms i was a part of was adult run. Coming to college was a shock for me, sections expecially. Having to talk about what you read, write, and think petrified me. "

My personal observation on US mainstream education is that there is a bell curve with regard of adult-run approach. It starts in elementary school and becomes stronger and stronger until its pick in High school. Then in undegraduate education it becomes less and less. In graduate school, the adult-run approach is very weak in comparison with Junior and High schools. In workplace, learning very much occurs outside of adult-run approach. What do you think? How much does it fit your and others' experience and observations?