Re: First Field Notes

From: May Sarmac
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Date: 12 Oct 1996
Time: 17:43:49


Hi Ed and Mercedes, You both brought up issues that I can answer in one message, at least I hope so. Well, what I thought was interesting about Larry and I playing Sorry with Brian was that he wasn't intimidated about playing with two people a lot elder than him. He seemed to be enjoying playing the game and was very patient when we asked him questions about the game. I expected him to be really quiet and shy or not even want to play with us because we are older. I think he was comfortable playing with us because we approached him and asked him how to paly. Though at first we were playing wrong,when Juan came to play, Brian still seemed interested in playing with us. Again, I think the two boys felt comfortable playing because we played according to the ruled they made up or rather the rules they explained to us and because we were playing a board game in a non-school environment. What I mean is that we were sitting on the floor, and they were not assigned to play Sorry, they chose to play it. In some situations, I don't think children are intimidated by playing with older people. I think as long as the older person doesn't dominate or boss the younger one around, then I think the younger one would enjoy the activity. As for how I think the older one would feel about playing with a younger child, I think the older child wouldn't mind so much if the younger one does not get defensive or objecive about playing with an older child. In other words, I don't think kids of different ages would have a problem playing with each other if they cooperate with each other.