Re: FN #2 Marissa, dominance, computer skills

From: David Scott
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Date: 14 Oct 1996
Time: 03:36:10


As I've mentioned in one of my field notes, Marissa is surprisingly skilled with the computer, as are a fair number of the other children who have computers at home, which they use to varying degrees. So we will have to deal with different levels of background information. How about identifying a child who would like to learn some particular computer skills (e.g. simple word processing or using the paint program), and then having another child (e.g. Marissa) provide instruction? Perhaps we could provide an activiy such as writing a letter to "The Wizard", set up four or five of the computers that are next to each other with MS Word or Write, and use this an opportunity to explain how to use that program. I think at this point, any form of organization would be an improvement.