Re: FN# :draft#1: Monopoly's second round

From: David Scott
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Date: 14 Oct 1996
Time: 03:56:39
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I suppose that we could discuss the educational potential of the game "Monopoly". There is a "Monopoly Junior" version of the game available that may be more appropriate for some of the children. It is unfortunate the average "Monopoly" game takes longer than the 1.5 hours the children stay; they might not see a point in playing if they cannot consequences to their games decisions and could never be rewarded with being "the winner". Still, the game provides some simple mathematics, the concepts of budgeting money and evaluating the quality of purchases, taking turns, playing by rules, and (if they ever get to the bargaining stage of the game) the art of making deals.

Of course, I heard that the world "Monopoly" champion was also voted by his high school class to be "least likely to ever kiss a girl". Just a thought.