Re: ME:Problems with practicum

From: David Scott
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Date: 14 Oct 1996
Time: 05:10:45


Annie wrote:

"Well, it seems like people are getting sort of upset over the lack of structure and direction at Barrios Unidos. ... One thing which we talked about that would be helpful is if we could set our focus on a few kids which we could work with on a somewhat consistent basis. ... Do you guys think that would be possible? How should we go about choosing the kids?"

I don't mind the lack of structure as long as there are not more than twice as many children as there are educators. At that ratio I believe things will work themselves out. But with more children (as happened last Friday) things get out of hand. Here is my idea: before the children arrive the educators get together and get a general idea of who will be doing what (this person will be overseeing a boardgame, someone else will be helping kids write a letter on the computers to "The Wizard", etc.). As each child arrives, while we are slapping a name tag on him he will be presented with the different activites we came up with and he will be allowed to choose from them. Upon choosing, he will be introduced to his educator and to the rest of that educator's group. Then the group goes off to play. If a child becomes disinterested in the activity, he is free to leave and join another group as long as he informs his current educator and the educator he wishes to go to.