Re: ME:Discussion about "Maze"

From: Ed Lopez
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Date: 14 Oct 1996
Time: 14:17:51


Sharon, thank you for your observation of the ambiguity of the BU site and the lack of direction from Maurice. I first would like to encourage you to bring these issues up during class so that we can all talk about them as a group and work out solutions together. Next, I would like to say that we are planning to impliment a maze componente at our site. However, we are still in the process of formalizing things and it will continue to take time before we work everything out. Please try and be patient, but Please also bring up the issues you addressed of not really knowing what your role is at the site, the lack of structure and direction Maurice gives and the frustration you are feeling. Other students have written having similar issues as you. Although things are as they are, Sharon, do you see that any learning is taking place interms of the children learning or even yourself? If so please elaborate. If not, why do you think it is not happening and what steps do you think need to be implimented so that it does happen. Thank you for your feedback, Ed.