Re: ME: Discussion regarding practicum

From: Ed Lopez
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Date: 14 Oct 1996
Time: 14:26:50


Sharon, in your discussion you wrote ""These notes illustrate how fieldnotes reflect a child's development over time as she comes to understand the key concepts of the game." I an wondering when we will be assigned our "kids", as originally planned. I realize that interaction with these children at every practicum isn't neccessary, but if we aren't keeping reflective observations with the chidren at Barrios Unidos, how are our fieldnotes supposed to help anyone?"

I just want to commend you on your comments. First, I want to share that again, we will eventually develop the site where you and others students will know which kids you will be working with. Also, as for field notes, How would you answer you question of keeping reflective observations? Do you think that if students do not have the same kids to interact with that they will not be able to keep reflective observations? Do you think that the observations and field notes you done so far are not helpful? I want to encourage you to try and answer these. Personally, I feel that just you being at the site, interacting with the kids and any observations and field notes you develop from them are going to be very helpful to you and to everyone else in the class. They protray real kids, working with real students like yourself, in a context that is real. Hope this helps, Ed.