Re: FN# :draft#1: Monopoly's second round

From: Ed Lopez
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Date: 14 Oct 1996
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Sharon, nice observations. Your desciptions of Adriana, Iban, Diego, and Victor was very rich. First off, what types of influcences on learning to you think will or will not happen to children who itneract with children of different ages, gender, and expertise levels? Next, You highlighted how Adriana, even though it was only her second time playing Monoply, how she did really well at it and even ended up giving some of the other kids advise. What do you think about how children learn to develop roles while doing activities and how they may or may not care these roles into other contexts? Also, what did you learn form your interactions? Your focus was primarily on the children and I wonder what you thought about your own development? nice work, Ed.