Re: FN #2

From: Ed Lopez
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Date: 14 Oct 1996
Time: 14:42:44


May, nice work. Your descriptions of dominance was very rich. First off, I want you to think about issues you already have written about. Specifically, how do kids like Mairssa, Mariel, Kyle, and Alex, learn or not learn when working with other kids who are of different ages, have different expertise levels, differen genders, different ethnicites, and different levels of socio-economic statuses? Also, what type of learning or not do you think you may have experienced. Your focus was primarily on the children. I'd like to encourage you to also think about your own development. Finally, May, I also want to encourage you to bring up any issues that you may experience at the site (i.e., lack of direction, issues with Maurice, issuess with the number of kids, etc.), please bring them up in class so we all can talk about them as a group. Good job, Ed.