Re: Discipline with the kids

From: Ed Lopez
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Date: 14 Oct 1996
Time: 14:52:43


Hi May, your dicussion issue of dominance is similar to your field notes. First off, what do you think about the issue of how to approach the kids when this happens again. Personally, I think that a nice method is to pose questions to the kids and make the attempt to bring out their active agency. In this I mean, try to as questions that will allow the kids to respond and than they in a sense will strutucture the activity. For example, you could try, "Hey kids name, how can you work with this other kid so that he could become as good as you are the computer?" You kind of know what I mean. You can help the kids provide their own structure, not by directly developing one, but by playing dumb and asking them questions. From this, they often think about and act on their responses. Hopes this helps May, Ed.