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From: Eugene Matusov
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Date: 14 Oct 1996
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Hi Valierie--

I think that Ed provided enough feedback on the first part of your very good observation. Let me ask several questions about the other part about kids' learning about domino.

You wrote, " this is the first time at barrios unidos that i really felt like i was contributing to the actual learning of kids. while we were playing i had many opportunities to question the validity of their move and if they could not see why a dom couldnt go where they put it, i was able to have them count the dots out with me and realize that 7 dots does not = 6 dots. this game proved challenging but fun to both of the girls as well as rewarding to me. "

Can you elaborate a bit what do you think kids learned from the activity and how and why this content is important for their lives? Also have you observed different ways you helped them and their strategies to learn?