Re: FN#? chaos, disorganization, responsibility:draft#1: Feedback

From: Eugene Matusov
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Date: 14 Oct 1996
Time: 17:04:17
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Hi David--

Excellent observation! Also Ed provided a nice feedback on it.

I personally think having 29 people (20 kids and 9 adults) at Barrios Unidos is very crowded situation. It should be addressed immediately, which I'm going to do today. Let me ask a question, were all people in one room or at least they were spread acrosss two rooms?

I'll try to press the Steering committee to bring more software and update more computers.

Dave, your proposal, " In order to see if any, and what type of, learning is going on, how about asking a child who is about to go home "What did you learn today? Did you at least have fun?" Maybe this will help focus our goals for participation in the program," is more than excellent. Let's implement it at once.

We (Pablo, Ed, and I) are also going to talk about having permanent name badges instead of temporary name tags.

Let us know if you have further suggestions.


PS. Following Ed and David, I encourgage everyone to learn even from "bad" days. However, you should see it in a perspective.