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From: valerie boes
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Date: 14 Oct 1996
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I have been brought up with an older sister and younger sisters and a younger brother. throughout my life i have been exposed to their friends and peers. My older sister use to get in trouble all of the time. seeing the mistakes she made, the pain she went through, the little lessons that she directly taught me we very benificial. With my younger sisters and brother i learned how to be responsible, how to further my understanding in something by explaining it to them. These are just a few examples of the benifits of learning you get from being around people of different ages. I truly think that everyone benifits from exposing themselves to different situations with people of different ages. One example of this is grandpas and grandmas. Many children learn a lot of stuff that helps them in life from their old grandparents. You can also go to the other extreme and think of a new born baby. Being around a new born baby teaches you things about carefulness, feeding patterns, and other valuable lessons that you wouldnt learn if you just hung out with people of your own age. ed-you asked about variables such as gender,ethnicity ,socio-economics. I think all of those variables play a part in learning. I don't really feel like ellaborating now because each variable is a whole discussion in itself, but i definatly beleive that those variables and more contribute and play a role in learning.