From: Miguel Berkstrom
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VisitDate: 10/07/96
Date: 15 Oct 1996
Time: 16:00:54
Remote Name: mingong-mac-12.ucsc.edu



Miguel, 20, male. Diego, 10, male. Marissa,8, female


When I met Diego he was very energetic. He likes to be silly and a little playful. I noticed this right away, and it drew me to work with him. Him and I began drawing on the computer. We were coming up with some real wild pictures and having a great time. Then he went over to his sister who was on another computer and was typing. As she wrote her name"Marissa" he would delete it and write "Ass-i-ram" and then giggle to himself. This was so great to see a brother and sister play together without getting angry or aggressive. I could see in their interactions that there was a lot of respect and love between these two.


I really caught on to Diego and his sister because I myself have two younger sister's. So I know about how opposite sex siblings interact with each other. It made me reminisce about my youth and my sisters.


This caught my eye because of my younger life with my sisters. It also intrigues me to see that many opposite sex siblings react to each other in very similar ways, even cross-culturally.