From: Miguel Berkstrom
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VisitDate: 10/11/96
Date: 15 Oct 1996
Time: 16:18:34
Remote Name: mingong-mac-12.ucsc.edu



Miguel, 20, male. ?, 7 , female


I saw this young girl who's name I forget who was sitting very quietly at a computer building a bus driver's face. She did not appear to know what she was doing so I came over to help her. She was a little stand offish at first, but soon became comfortable with me. Boy, she sure was a talker once she got going. We had a great time mixing girl and boy parts to make the goofiest looking bus driver ever. She laughed and so did I. I sure was happy to know that she was enjoying herself partially due to my help and I was enjoying myself because I saw her being receptive to my efforts.


I remember when I was young I really liked a teacher who could explain and teach in a manner that was helpful and understandable for a child. Now I get to experience this from the other side and it feels great to see a child learn and accomplish a task because you helped to facilitate that task.


I would like to inquire as to if this what is meant by informal learning? Is my interaction with this young girl a good and successful approach to informal learning?