Re: FN:draft#1:Learning how to learn(again)

From: Pablo Chavajay
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Date: 15 Oct 1996
Time: 22:46:35
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Hi Annie,

I'm sorry that I have not provided feedback to your field note. I thought that it was a revision of the field note # 1. Anyway, I have a few questions that I would like to raise:

I would like to hear more about what do you mean by "I am used to a certain kind of structured teaching environment and it will take time to get use to this.." I would be interested in reading a description of what structured teaching environment you are used to and how you perceived the structure of the Barrios Unidos environment (e.g., similarities and differences).

It would be useful to elaborate your statement "the game seemed pretty pointless." What leads you to think about the game this way?

Why did not knowing the rules of the game make you feel uncomfortable? Do you think that if an adult teaches you the rules of the game that you would feel differently?


PS. I am really glad that you let us know that you hadn't received feedback yet.