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From: Eugene Matusov
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Date: 16 Oct 1996
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Hi Miguel--

This is very interesting fieldnote. Although you wasn't on Monay, you seemed to get the focus of our observations: evidence of teaching and learning moments in kids and themselves.

I agree with you that finding mutual enjoyment in the activity for both the helper and kid is the key for learning and teaching.



Please, learn the kid name when I are at Barriios Unidos next time.


You wrote, "I saw this young girl who's name I forget who was sitting very quietly at a computer building a bus driver's face. She did not appear to know what she was doing so I came over to help her."

What specifically made you think that the girl was lost? And what did you do to help her?

"She was a little stand offish at first, but soon became comfortable with me. "

Do you remember how did you make her being comfortable with you?

" I sure was happy to know that she was enjoying herself partially due to my help and I was enjoying myself because I saw her being receptive to my efforts."

Can you say what did the girl specifically learn from experience with you? What did you learn yourself?


Very good reflections. Can you relate your experience with the paper Models of teaching or any other read paper?


Excellent inquiries!!!!!!