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From: Pablo Chavajay
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Date: 16 Oct 1996
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You wrote a very interesting field note. I have a few questions and comments:

It would be very helpful to start your field note with a detailed description of the event(s) that show how Sarah had difficulties understanding the logic of the game and how you talked and interacted/helped her with the game. A fuller description of the event provides the reader who did not observe that particular event a more complete picture of what happened. It also helps the reader to make sense of your interpretations.

You wrote "she absolutely didn't understand the meaning of the game, because the underlying logic requires some knowledge that she doesn't have." You also wrote "I also found it difficult to navigate through the game." Based on these two statements, I would like to hear how you explained the logic of the game to her when you encountered difficulties yourself, and how she responded to your explanations (e.g., whether she just listened or asked questions) Also, did you ask her whether she understood something about the logic of the game?

You wrote "That the room was very noisy made it even more difficult to follow the comments and instruction given verbally" It is unclear to me who was giving the verbal instruction. You or somebody else? Did you use other forms of communication (e.g., demonstration)?

You wrote "the gap between the levels seems to be very wide, too wide for Sarah to cross." Could you tell us what Sarah may have learned from this particular game?