Re: High school as the pick of the adult-run approach

From: Jess Thyne
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Date: 16 Oct 1996
Time: 13:56:17


Eugene wrote... My personal observation on US mainstream education is that there is a bell curve with regard of adult-run approach. It starts in elementary school and becomes stronger and stronger until its pick in High school. Then in undegraduate education it becomes less and less. In graduate school, the adult-run approach is very weak in comparison with Junior and High schools. In workplace, learning very much occurs outside of adult-run approach. What do you think? How much does it fit your and others' experience and observations?

My experience was... I went to a fairly liberal and progressive school from grade 4 to 12. My experience with the Adult run situation was that in middle school, and high school, though the teaching format was still mostly lecture based, I had more and more classes that sat in a circle, and more and more classes where disscussion was considered important. By my Senior year, classes were still under the control of the teacher ultimately, but the students were very encouraged to control the flow and pace of teaching through disscussion. College is a lot like my high school for me.