Re: ME:Why is the ratio 2:1 is the limit?

From: Jess Thyne
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Date: 16 Oct 1996
Time: 14:13:33


Eugene Wrote... Why do you think so? Some educators suggest that group in 5-6 students works best. Does the 2:1 ratio works best for you? Do you feel with more than 2 kids you lose your comfort zone?

My response... I think that the ration of students to kids is based solely on how many kids want to do the activity that the student is involved in. Because the kids have the autonomy to go and do as they please (I assume within reason), we cannot even bother to try to follow more than one kid at a time. Rather, as I see it, they only way we can set up the class is if every student works at a certain activity or station, and the kids just come or go as they please, otherwise we will have to say to some kids, "no you can't go play across the room now, I have to keep an eye on you", or even, "no you cannot play or even watch this game, there are too many kids here already."