Re: FN#3 :draft#1:solitaire, frustration

From: Jess Thyne
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Date: 16 Oct 1996
Time: 15:11:43
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You said... In the long run she wasn't very succesful, so we went over the numbers and signs on the cards again, discussed the different suites and red and black. But neither that nor me guiding her hand, nor me just being there to answer questions seemed to help her understand was she was doing. She fell more and more silent and sometimes admired the colorful game next to us.

I'm curious as to what you meant by wasn't very succesfull. Did she not play very well? Did she not enjoy the process? Did she just fiddle around with the cards never having any idea where to place them. For a possible first try at solitaire, she may have only been able to grasp some concepts, or parts of all. I wonder if she was in the Zone Of Proximal Development, but only at the point where she could play for a short time due to attention span? Also, I agree with Pablo in that I'd like to know what you did to show her the cards, and try to explain what they meant.