ME: Modem connection from home

From: Eugene Matusov
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Date: 16 Oct 1996
Time: 16:14:08


Hello everybody--

Several of you asked me to check the situatuion about modem comnnection from home. I called the communication department and this is what they said:

1) For stable (more than 10 min.) connection use phone# 425-8948. It allous 14,400 Baud Line connection. They suggest to switch off picture option in your Netscape browser for speedy exchange if it's possible. There is also limit on connection in prime time (9am- midnight, weekdays) 10hrs per week. If you want to extend the prime time connection for 5hrs per week, I can make a petition for each person individually who wants.

2) You can buy Internet service from local private Internet provider like Netcom, America On-Line, and others (check your yellow pages). The price can be under $10 per month and many of providers have a discount for students.

Let me know how else I can help you. Please, email me if you need extra 5hrs of connection time per week.

Good luck,