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From: Ayal
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VisitDate: 10/07
Date: 16 Oct 1996
Time: 17:36:24
Remote Name: lang-lab-mac33.ucsc.edu



young girl around six


I noticed that while playing with the paintbrush program, she was very hesitant to try a new tool such as spray painting, or any of the things on the sideof the screen. Also after thinking of myself and many people i thought maybe it's part of our learning. We might be more hesitant to try something new and prefer to play with what we know.


Maybe our job should be to help break down that wall many kids have of being afraid to try something new. To use a computer must include the willingness to explore.


I noticed it because it was interesting to me why the girl would prefer to scribble on a screen and be content with that, when if she had a pen and paper in hend, she would done more than scribbling, I assume.